Why us

Who We Are

Nationwide Investment Group Inc is a Commercial Real Estate Private Investors Club with a precise focus on the Senior Housing Sector.  We acquire, improve and hold value-add Senior Living facilities across the U.S.

We believe in synergy and therefore hire synergistic, regional or super regional operators with incentives to maximize value for our Seniors.

You’ll Never Get to Where You’re Going, Unless You Know Where You Came From

Our Goal:

We Empower Impact Investments in Senior Living through vetted cash flow opportunities.

Our Mission:

We Create Thriving Intergenerational Communities for Past Generations.

Why Invest Alongside Us?


Approved Deals

Every deal is hand-picked deals and approved by our team of analysts.

We say “No!” more than we say “Yes!”


We Invest Alongside You

We invest in every deal to share in the responsibility of a profitable and favorable outcome.


Exclusive deals

Our large network of satisfied CRE professionals opens our door to the most exclusive, off the market and/or high profile deals.



Use only a partial amount of your liquid capital on several properties instead of just one. Increase the Diversity of your portfolio.

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