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Create Communities We Can Be Proud of

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Aligning Senior Living Operators with Like-Minded Investors

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Lets creatively solve today’s real estate demand shortage together.

Nationwide Investment Group Inc is a Commercial Real Estate Private Investors Club with a precise focus on the Senior Housing Sector. We acquire, improve and hold value-add Senior Living facilities across the U.S.

Our full-service investment sales division offers us insight to the daily market while providing a reputable lead generation service for our investors. Our large network of satisfied CRE professionals opens our door to the most exclusive, off-market and/or high profile deals.

Our global resources enable us to work smarter and harder than our competition 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We are looking for active real estate sellers looking to quietly exit on an off-market basis

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Nationwide Investment Group is a Private Investors Club and is willing to extend access for sellers
wanting to sell their property confidentially and quickly.

Our 4 for 40 Program, enables sellers to sell in 80% less time and make 40% more money

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Why Invest Alongside Us?


Approved Deals

Every deal is hand-picked deals and approved by our team of analysts.

We say “No!” more than we say “Yes!”


We Invest Alongside You

We invest in every deal to share in the responsibility of a profitable and favorable outcome.


Exclusive deals

Our large network of satisfied CRE professionals opens our door to the most exclusive, off the market and/or high profile deals.



Use only a partial amount of your liquid capital on several properties instead of just one. Increase the Diversity of your portfolio.

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Our Investor Relations team will get to know your investment criteria as a single buyer or as a limited partner.


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You decide which deals you like. Our vetted deal flow will be sent to you immediately once available.

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Quarterly Disbursement Information and Tax Documents are automatically archived for your convenience.

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