What a wonderful 3-day event! Met with some of our most elite investors to hear their thoughts on where they are and where they are not investing their money in 2019. Commercial Real Estate continues to be a driving Avenue for investors for it offers a tangible asset, positive cash flow returns and lower risk than Venture capital or private equity. Investing with companies like Nationwide Investment Group who are hyperactive in the Senior Housing Market are a top priority. Highly engaging with syndicators is a real priority so they can be first to the good deals of the market. Economists are starting to predict a slower correction for the US economy while European markets like Italy and others have already started their recession.

Where do you want to put your money?

In a cash flowing asset, or in a high-risk high reward venture fund?

Uncertainty in the stock market and the new Opportunity Zone has everyone trying to strategize their next best move.

Our global resources enable us to work smarter and harder than our competition 24/7. Whether you sell or buy your property or invest with us, we share in the responsibility to maximize your value. Don`t hesitate to contact us.