Every day people ask our experts different questions related to commercial real estate investing. Almost every week we get the same question – “ Is it a good idea to invest in commercial real estate right now with rumors of a recession?”. Today we will answer it for you here.

Commercial Real Estate Development is looking strong, but we are preparing for an imminent downturn in the economy. We are not projecting a massive crash like 2008, but slight downward bumps. The good news, that even with an imminent downward bump, Nationwide Investment Group is learning from the past to project the best future.  During the 2008 crash, the Medical Office and Senior Housing markets outperformed almost all other industries.

You should always be investing in commercial real estate and creating a truly passive income for yourself.  Always consider which market you want to invest in because each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Since 2007, Nationwide Investment Group has seen the ups and downs of the real estate market and has helped our investors achieve above market returns.  Our brokerage services enable us to be in the trenches with other owners and live the market, not only from one perspective.

Our global resources enable us to work smarter and harder than our competition 24/7. Whether you sell or buy your property or invest with us, we share in the responsibility to maximize your value. Don`t hesitate to contact us.

Choose wisely when working with a commercial real estate firm, because all it takes is 1 bad apple.